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December 17, 2008

Top 10 colors for spring

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Forget Christmas red and green for a minute — do you know what colorways you’ll be stocking inventory in after the holidays?

The Pantone Color Institute, which provides color standards to design industries, offers its Top 10 shades for Spring 2009. Some of it builds upon already-popular colors: Where Fall 2008 had a lot of dark blue and purple, for example, this spring gives way to sky (oh all right, Palace)
blue and lavender.

Here are Pantone’s Top 10. Please note that I’ve just approximated the colors in HTML. In addition, your browser may display the colors slightly differently — that’s why the Pantone Number is included!

Fuchsia Red: PANTONE 18-2328

Salmon Rose: PANTONE 15-1626

Palace Blue: PANTONE 18-4043

Lucite Green: PANTONE 14-5714

Super Lemon: PANTONE 14-0754

Dark Citron: PANTONE 16-0435

Lavender: PANTONE 15-3817

Vibrant Green: PANTONE 16-6339

Slate Gray: PANTONE 16-5804

Rose Dust: PANTONE 14-1307


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