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January 29, 2009

A stitch in time saves memories

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I love this story.What a fascinating way to commemorate your world travels.

My needlework tends to be tied to my trips, as well — simply because I am the most productive when I have nowhere else to be but in the passenger seat of a car or in a less-than-comfy airport gate seat for hours on end. I can look at a finished piece and recall that it’s “been” to Honolulu, Austin, Fort Lauderdale and countless trips to Canton, OH (shout-out to the in-laws, there), for example. And when I wrap up in a particular granny square afghan, I know my grandmother made the majority of the pieces as an enthusiastic participant on senior citizen bus tours around the country back in the late 1980s.

Business-wise, I think a travel theme is an excellent concept to work into displays. If some of your core customers are excited about an upcoming cruise, for example, see if they might be interested in a special pattern they could do while on board, such as Jessie Armacost’s patterns through her company, Caribbean Images to Cross Stitch. Or perhaps stitch up a pair of cute slippers, belt or sleep mask before they pack. Regardless, it could lead to a sale of a special bag to hold said needlework — after all, if the trip is once-in-a-lifetime, shouldn’t they have a nice bag to match the uniqueness of the occasion? Oh, and don’t forget the stitching journal! (I have one that is about half-complete, for nigh on two years now… but don’t let that deter anyone!)

For recent travelers, what about a “slide show stitch-in” where customers gather to talk about their latest trips and show off their photos in between bits of stitching?

Because this tough economy means that fewer customers are planning to travel (“staycations” becoming more and more of a trend), you can also take the tack of a “virtual vacation” right in your shop. How about hosting Vegas Week, for example, where everything Las Vegas-themed — from cards to dice to showgirls — is on sale and you have a casino-like atmosphere in the shop? Be mindful of gambling regulations in your market, of course. Depending on how outgoing your employees are, let them wear a crazy feathered headdress or a card dealer’s visor.

With everyone going stir-crazy from a long, cold winter, bringing a relaxing destination to their sewing basket or crafting table could be just the thing they need to get them through to spring break!

I’d love to hear from you if you tried travel tie-ins in the past, or are planning them this year. What works, what doesn’t, and what are you going to try next?


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