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December 1, 2008

What Cyber Monday means to me

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Every year, once the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are stuffed into the fridge, it’s my personal signal to switch into high holiday gear. Sure, I may have picked up a Christmas gift or two back in October, but now it’s time to get serious — put up the tree, make the list of who should get what this year and print umpteen photos of my girls to send in Christmas cards to all the relatives.

I let Black Friday pass me by this year, mostly because I have no desire to get up early on a day off or to fight large crowds. But this relatively new day of “Cyber Monday” is much more my speed. I can browse online, click, shop and wait for my presents to be delivered to my door — even already wrapped if I so choose.

Time magazine has already called Cyber Monday a bust, but I think they’re missing the point. The endless cornucopia of merchandise for sale online (and that includes needlework kits, accessories and necessities, folks) will be at my beck and call for the next three weeks. Sure, I have to build in some time for shipping, but I’m able to get so much more into the spirit of the holiday when I’m curled up in an easy chair with my laptop, cocoa and credit card number at hand, as opposed to when I try to push my cart up and down the hectic, disheveled aisles of my local big box store.

And when I do venture out, I hope to walk into a retail environment that is filled with the sights and sounds of the season, a place that is showing off all the creativity that comes with holiday decorating and making gifts instead of buying them. Does that sound like what you’re offering your customers today? Are you offering classes to harried moms like me who’d love to spend an hour in your shop some weeknight, especially if it means I can have a completed bracelet/scarf/insert beginner project here to give as a special gift?

On a similar note, are you taking advantage of technology to let customers (and potential customers) know what you’ve got going on this season via email and your Web site? Anita Byrd, owner of my local yarn shop, Studio Knit, sent out an email to everyone on her list last Tuesday to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and a quick, oh by the way, stop by for a “sit, knit and chat” on Fridays and Tuesdays to get cracking on those holiday presents.

Are you allowing people to order online? Online gift cards, in particular, might be a particularly smart move — take Candamar Designs in California as an example of how easy it is for my — er, someone’s husband to get his stitcher wife what she wants.

No matter how you do it, happy shopping and selling this holiday season. Maybe I’ll even see you on Etsy!


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